Boroughs of Closter, Harrington Park and Haworth
Senior Transportation Service

 Welcome to the Closter, Harrington Park and Haworth 

Senior Transportation Service

We hope we can make your time with us as pleasurable and safe as possible.  Our program consists of trained and caring individuals. 

We welcome your comments and recommendations.  As we are always available to discuss these with you, please feel free to contact the program director

    John Glidden                         Paul A. Hoelscher                        Heather Wasser
   Mayor, Closter                        Mayor, Harrington Park                   Mayor, Haworth


April  27, 2023

Senior Transportation Service 
General Guidelines


  1. The Senior Transportation Program is primarily for seniors with no other source of transportation.
  1. Seniors with doctor, hospital and medical rehab appointments will be given priority with regards to scheduling.
  1. Seniors who have a valid driver’s license and own a vehicle but are temporarily unable to drive, will also be considered.
  1. Seniors who have a valid driver’s license, own a vehicle and are capable of driving, will be considered if seats are available.


  1. Must be 55 years of age or older.
  1. Must be 18 years of age or older and physically disabled or handicapped, a certification form (which we will provide) must be completed by your doctor and returned to the program director
  1. Any participant with immobility or complete blindness must have a companion to provide assistance.


  1. Call the program director’s voicemail at 201.385.3577 Monday through Friday any time
  1. Requests should be made 24 hours in advance.  In order to ensure that we can accommodate your medical appointments, please call in 48 hours in advance.
  1. Service is available within a radius of 10 miles. Additionally, trips over 25 minutes

will be accepted only if there are no other trips scheduled at the same time.

General Regulations

  1. Senior citizens using the service must be able to walk to the vehicle and depart unassisted.  
  1. All injuries/accidents must be reported to the driver as soon as possible after the incident.
  1. Wheelchair and disabled clients must be accompanied by an aide or

assistant who is capable of taking care of any needs that the senior may have. If the senior is using a motorize wheelchair and has to be guided onto or off the van then the senior must have an aide. For insurance purposes, we must have the name of the aide/assistant.

  1. For safety reasons, the van will pick up passengers in the driveway or in the front of a residence whichever is safest or most convenient for the passenger. This is a curb to curb service only.
  1. Transportation will not operate when the Haworth School and/or the Borough is closed due to inclement weather or Federal/State Holiday.   If the weather clears and the road conditions improve, only medical appointments will resume based upon the program director’s consultation with the Haworth Police.
  1. To accommodate everyone, the driver cannot wait more than 10 minutes. Please be considerate of the other passengers.
  1. The boroughs of Closter, Harrington Park and Haworth and their drivers are not responsible for personal property left or lost on the van.
  1. When grocery shopping, there is a limit to 4 bags. Your bags will be loaded onto the van and taken off by the driver and then put on your steps. The driver will not enter the senior’s home

Passenger Requirements

For a smoother and safer service experience to all, the following are required of passengers.

  1. Passenger aisles on the van must be kept clear at all times.
  1. Seniors must NOTspeak to driver while he/she are driving. Failure to adhere to this requirement the Senior will be banned from using the Senior Van service. 
  1. Verbal or physical abuse of the driver and/or other passengers will not be tolerated. Raising one’s voice will be considered verbal abuse and that senior will be banned from using the Senior Van service.
  1. Smoking is prohibited on the van at all times.
  1. Please be advised that the acceptance of gifts, money or any type of gratuity by the driver is strictly prohibited.
  1. Eating and/or drinking on the van is prohibited.
  1. Passengers must remain seated and have seatbelts engaged while in the van.
  1. Passengers must respect and maintain the private, personal spaces and wishes of the driver and other passengers.
  1. Passengers must follow the program rules and regulations.