Happy New Year to All!

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the residents of Haworth for their support during my brief tenure as mayor. Although the circumstances that led to my stepping into the role of mayor were incredibly sad, it has been a privilege and an honor to serve.

As I resume my role on the Council, I am more confident than ever that Haworth has steady, dedicated leadership. I know that Mayor-Elect Wasser, along with my fellow Council Members Poosikian, Rosenberg, Siciliano, and Dhamija, will continue to be stewards of the town we all call home.

Thank you again and I hope we will see you on January 8, 2023, at our Re-Organization Meeting, which will be held LIVE and in person at Borough Hall.

Warmest regards,



Haworth News


Please be advised that the St. Nicholas Avenue footbridge has been closed indefinitely until it can be repaired or replaced.  This is the walking bridge connecting Lakeside East and Beech Street. Please do not move barricades or tape to access the bridge.


Haworth Council

The Haworth Mayor and Council will be holding their first meeting of the year this Sunday, January 8, at Borough Hall. The recess meeting, where business matters of 2022 are finalized, begins at 12:00pm, and the 2023 Reorganization meeting begins at 12:15pm.

This is the first in-person Council meeting since early 2020. While masks are not mandated, they are still good practice and can be worn at your discretion.


Haworth DPW


The DPW is collecting Christmas trees. Please place them at the curb free of plastic, ornaments and other decorations.