In the spring of 2009, a small group of committed Haworth volunteers created the Haworth Road Runners’ Association (HRRA) with the dream of bringing a 5K race back to Haworth. They wanted Haworth, with its picturesque streets, small hometown feel, and vibrant community spirit, to be the star of this 3.1-mile journey. And in the process of showcasing the town, they wanted to give back to that very same community that enriches and protects the lives of its residents and the surrounding communities.

14 years later that core group is still going strong—and so is the annual race they founded. Thanks to them; a dedicated committee that works year-round; residents and business owners that sponsor the race, volunteer & cheer on the racers, and the racers themselves, this event does Haworth proud. And to date, over $300,000 has been gifted back from the proceeds. Beneficiaries include Haworth Home & School Association; Friends of the Haworth Library; Haworth Fire Company; Haworth Seniors; Haworth Hope Fund; Girl Scouts; Boy Scouts; Hope with Heart; McGee Family Fund; Scholarship Northern Valley Demarest; Closter Food Pantry; Bergen Center for Child Development. 

We can’t thank all of you enough for your endurance, creativity, generosity and dedication.

Saturday was only different because this year our race was a state championship race! Oh, and yes. The weather. Around 500 competitors came out despite the Friday downpour and lingering rain. The race organizers seamlessly adapted to the conditions by pivoting to the alternate course start. This prevented the slippery downhill from interfering with the safety of the participants.

A new course record was set, runners and walkers of every age met their goals, good energy and music was everywhere. It was a beautiful day in Haworth, NJ!


Heather Wasser?

Mayor, Borough of Haworth